Videos about Dicastglass Studio Practice

Studio Sale - December 2016

Installation and Opening Night -
The Painter and the Glassmaker

Using the Sculpture Wheel - Video 1

Using Sculpture Wheel and Bulls-eye Level

Preparing Fibreglass for use in Moulds

Creating the 'Skin' Layer with Fibreglass on Moulds

Measuring Plaster and Silica

Mixing Plaster and Silica

Create a bevel using the 16mm Diamond Burr

Remove unwanted 'dags' with 10mm Diamond Burr

Signing glass with 1mm Diamond Burr

Breaking Blackwood Casting Crystal

Using the Slitter (small saw)

Di discusses Diamond Handpads, Canvas and MXD Micromesh

Pecha Kucha Presentation - February 2013

University of Waikato Alumni Awards - Cast Glass Trophies

Glass Casting Workshop - Cast Glass Courses


Di Tocker talks - Glass Casting Studio - Cast Glass Objects

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