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Di Tocker at Dicastglass Studio suggests the use of these quality wax working products for lost wax casting work. 

Reliable tools for Wax Working

Whether you are making wax models for bronze casting, glass casting or jewelry work - you will want to work with a range of tools you can rely on, such as hand tools with different shaped heads, carving knives to suit different cutting actions and heating tools such as the fine tipped wax pen and the alcohol burner.

Wax for Lost Wax Casting

Di has created a quality modelling wax suitable for carving or heating and pouring into moulds.  Highly recommended this wax steams out of refractory moulds efficiently and cleanly.

Alcohol Lamp for Wax Working

Use the alcohol lamp to heat wax tools and knives to obtain a great surface on your wax while modelling and shaping.

To use: Fill the lamp with methylated spirits (not supplied).  Ensure the wick is damp,  Wind the wick up and light with a match.  Keep a small flame burning by adjusting the wick size with the dial.  Place your wax tools over the flame to warm them.
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Wax - Di's Black Wax


New Product! (Black Wax photo will be added soon)

Wax blended specifically for the lost wax method of glass casting.  Tried and tested at Dicastglass Studio.

Ideal for a range of uses - pouring into rubber moulds and plaster moulds, carving, component joining.  Ideal for winter and summer use.  Low melting point 60-75C.

Tip: The darker colour of the wax helps you to get a good coverage on the first layer of your mould.

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Spatula Wax carving tool

Di's preferred knife for carving wax.  The spatula knife is originally designed for dental wax work and is great for working in smaller areas.  

Zeffiro knife by Lascod - made in Italy.
Stainless Steel blade at one end, and spatula shape at the other end - great for smoothing and burnishing surfaces.   Very comfortable to hold.  Quality assured - the spatula knife will last for years.

Available in 2 sizes:
Small - 13.5cm
Large - 17.5cm
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Wax Carving Knife - 6cm curved

Di likes to have a range of knives on hand for different cuts, shaping and carving of wax. These knives have been in use at Dicastglass Studio since 2008 and come highly recommended as an affordable wax carving tool.

This is a Victorinox brand knife, Swiss made, from the makers of the famous Swiss Army knives, known for their enduring quality.

Tip: This knife is also put to good use when tidying up your mould before steaming.  The curved blade is ideal for creating a beveled edge on the plaster corners.  The back of the curved blade is ideal for scraping a clean line on the base of your mould where wax meets plaster. 
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Wax carving knife - 8cm straight

At Dicastglass Studio we like to have a range of knives to select from when modelling and carving wax.

The 8cm straight blade carving knife is ideal for remove larger slithers when carving.  The 8cm blade is 'a fine balance between small enough to hold and large enough to be efficient'.

This is a Victorinox brand knife, Swiss made, from the makers of the famous Swiss Army knives, known for their quality, and enduring sharpness.

Tip: The 8cm straight blade knife is a great 'general' knife to have on hand for other tasks around the glass casting studio.
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Wax Pen

This an awesome 'hot-tipped' pen is great for fine detail on wax models, and for filling small holes. Comfortable to use - apply the heat by pushing the button on the side.

Ideal for those glass casting using the lost wax method, bronze casting and jewelry casting.

Tip: A set of micro tips (giving you different shape options) is available.
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Set of Micro Tips for Wax Pen

This set of 3 differently shaped micro pen tips will add versatility to the use of your wax pen.
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