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Wax Carving Knife - 6cm curved

Wax Carving Knife - 6cm curved

Di likes to have a range of knives on hand for different cuts, shaping and carving of wax. These knives have been in use at Dicastglass Studio since 2008 and come highly recommended as an affordable wax carving tool.

This is a Victorinox brand knife, Swiss made, from the makers of the famous Swiss Army knives, known for their enduring quality.

Tip: This knife is also put to good use when tidying up your mould before steaming.  The curved blade is ideal for creating a beveled edge on the plaster corners.  The back of the curved blade is ideal for scraping a clean line on the base of your mould where wax meets plaster. 

These knives are very sharp when purchased. It is recommended that you blunt them a little on concrete or stone before use.


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