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Finishing your cast glass objects does not need to be a frustrating process.  At Dicastglass Studio we have tried and tested all of our products and know first hand the right tools for each job.

Range of Glass Polishing Products

Our range of finishing items includes diamond handpads and canvas, the finer less abrasive micromesh MXD papers, burrs, silica carbide grit, milled pumice and cerium oxide.

Assistance with Glass Finishing

We are happy to recommend the right glass polishing materials and tools for your glass finishing situation - just give us a call.

Slitter - Small glass saw

This diamond coated rotary cut-off blade is ideal tool for cutting through small diameter glass pieces. 
Comes with a 2.34mm mandrel and fits easily to a flexi drive tool.
Fits most flexi-drive shaft tools.

Available in 2 sizes; 40mm and 50mm.

Watch a video demonstrating how to use a slitter.

Di says "I use the slitter to effectively cut off the feeders to my Paper People Series.  These are delicate pieces so the slitter fitter to the flexi shaft tool is just ideal"
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Diamond Burr - 1 mm

1mm round tip diamond burr with a 2.34mm shaft.  Use on a flexi drive tool such as a Dremel or Foredom.

Quality diamonds for long lasting wear.

Watch a video - signing cast glass with the 1mm diamond burr.

Full Details add to cart $6.00

Daimond Burr - 16mm

A 16mm diamond burr with a 2.34mm shaft. Use in a flexi drive tool such as a Dremel or Foredom.
Quality diamonds for long lasting wear.

Di says "This is the first diamond tool I use after the base has been sawn off my cast glass pieces. I use the 16mm burr to remove unwanted 'dags' and to create the initial bevel on edges of the glass".

Watch a video on creating a bevel with the 16mm diamond burr.

Full Details add to cart $19.00

Diamond Burr - 10mm

A 10mm diameter diamond burr with a 2.32mm shaft.  Use with a flexi drive tool such as a Dremel or a Foredom.

At Dicastglass Studio we use the 10mm diamond burr to remove unwanted 'dags'.  We go to this tool if the 16mm diamond burr can not fit.

Quality diamonds for long lasting wear.
Full Details add to cart $14.50

Rubber Mandrels

23mm rubber pad
3mm mandrel shaft

Create polishing pads to fit your personal needs.
3mm mandrel shaft will fit most flexi-drive power tools.

Full Details add to cart $17.50

Diamond Handpads


Back in STOCK!!!

Sourced from Italy these are long lasting diamond handpads, available in 80, 100, 200, 400 and 600 grit.  Quality diamond handpads to help you get the best finishing / polish result on your glass, marble, granite, glass and engineered stone.

DIAFACE 90X55 metal bonded.

Tip: Remember to use plenty of water, and work in a circular direction to achieve the best polish.

Watch a video about diamond handpads.

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Diamond Canvas

The diamonds on the diamond canvas are bonded by nickel plating to a canvas surface.  
The 100% diamond grinding surface cuts with speed and consistency.   Use diamond canvas in hard-to-reach places where handpads are too bulky. 

Diamond canvas is supplied with long lasting quality diamonds - one small piece of diamond canvas will give you many years of polishing. 

Tip: Use plenty of water and a circular motion for the best results when polishing your glass.

Watch a video about diamond canvas.

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Micro-Mesh MXD diamond sheet

Micro Mesh MXD is a cushioned abrasive diamond sandpaper.
An amazing product, giving a lovely glossy finish to your glass very quickly.

Micro Mesh MXD is very long-lasting - cushioned, flexible and re-usable.
Micro Mesh MXD will conform to shapes conventional products cannot, giving additional finishing options.

Use Micro Mesh MXD wet or dry. 
Note; the grit sizes of micro mesh MXD papers do not relate to diamond canvas and diamond handpad products.


Watch a video about MXD Micromesh papers.

Kathryn of Auckland says:-
"Micro-Mesh MXD sandpaper is invaluable for finishing cast glass to a high standard.  Because it's not too abrasive, I've found it can eliminate fine scratches with relative ease.  This helps to reduce the time, effort and frustration that one usually associates with finishing!"
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Silicon Carbide Grit

Silicon Carbide Grits for grinding and polishing glass. Use Silicon Carbide for hand-lapping, on a flat-bed or a rociprolap.
80, 220, 400 and 600 grits / mesh sizes are available in 500gm, 1kg and 5kg packs.

Tip: When hand-lapping, add a small amount of liquid dishwashing detergent to improve mobility of your glass piece on the lapping surface.
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Milled pumice for polishing glass.  Use milled pumice wet, with a felt pad or belt.

Tip: Use Pumice before Cerium Oxide to increase a high polish finish to your glass.
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Cerium Oxide Powder

At Dicastglass we use cerium oxide powder for the final polish on most of our cast glass objects.

Mix into a paste with water and use cerium oxide with a felt polishing wheel, pad or belt for the ultimate finish on glass.

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