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Moulding Silicone Thickener

Moulding Silicone Thickener

Use Moulding Silicone Thickener to adjust the thickness of RTV2 Silicone Rubber making it suitable to ‘paint’ or spread over vertical surfaces.

At Dicastglass Studio we use RTV2 with Moulding Silicone Thickener in two different thicknesses – a thin ‘cover’ or detail coat and a thick build up layer.
• Thin detail coat ratio
= 0.2% (1000ml RTV2 + 30ml Catalyst + 2mls thickener)
• Thick coat ratio (to build up 5mm approx
= 0.5% (1000ml + 30ml Catalyst + 5mls thickener)

Tips on using the thickener;
• Add the colourant to help you see if the batch has fully mixed.
• Use less thickener if you are unsure of the viscosity you may get.
• You can add more thickener if required.
• Working time is much shorter than straight RTV2 so mix in small batches to suit your speed. You have approximately 10-15mins working time.


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