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Sculpture Wheel


The Sculpture Wheel is a very useful tool for model making, sculpting and modelling. Often referred to as a lazy susan, banding wheel or turntable.

Use the sculpture wheel or turntable to easily rotate your work as your hand build with clay or wax, sculpt and smooth modelling materials.   Carve or decorate evenly as you turn the lazy-susan-style sculpture wheel.

The sculpture wheel has been designed with a low centre of gravity to give stability while you are working.

Watch a video about the Sculpture Wheel.

Di Tocker says "I have been looking for the ideal turntable or lazy susan for sculpting and moulding for many years. I have used products designed for ceramics such as banding wheels, but none came large enough or stable enough for me to make my large moulds on.  I use the sculpture wheel for modelling new forms in wax, and mould on the sculpture wheel every time now.  The turntable really helps with creating even wall thickness on my moulds".

450mm diameter.
The Sculpture Wheel is available in 19mm painted custom wood or the harder wearing 10mm acrylic (perspex)

To maintain your sculpture wheel, simply spray lubricant on the bearings often. Do not immerse in water - wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Tip:  We recommend using an acrylic batt on top of the sculpture wheel when making plaster moulds.

Available Options

450mm Custom Wood Sculpture Wheel $75.00 add to cart Add to Cart
450mm Acrylic Sculpture Wheel $89.00 add to cart Add to Cart
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