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Blackwood Casting Crystal - 1kg Bright Blue

Left image: Crystal as supplied in chunks, Right image: Crystal after casting

Medium intensity, the blue of the sky on a cloudless winter's day.


Transparent Quality
With 35% lead content, Blackwood Casting Crystal provides a true transparent quality to cast glass works.

35% lead content gives you a high volume to weight ratio (12% more volume than other lead casting glasses).
Wax formula - wax weight x 3.51 = blackwood casting crystal weight

Precise measurement
Blackwood Casting Crystal is supplied as un-annealed chunks.
The chunks are very easy to break, allowing for exact measurement of glass quantities.
Watch a video on breaking Blackwood Casting Crystal.

Moulding qualities of Blackwood Casting Crystal
Glass releases exceptionally well from moulds. (Note: this is dependent on mould quality and firing schedule)
Blackwood Casting Crystal is suitable for closed and open mold casts.
Use Blackwood Casting Crystal loaded in a crucible (pot) or direct into the mold.

Finishing of Blackwood Crystal
An optimal high polished surface can be achieved with little cold working. (Note: This is dependent on required results.)
Blackwood Casting Crystal responds very well to sanding, grinding and polishing.

Kathryn of Auckland says:-
"One of the standout features of Blackwood Crystal is the level of transparency I've been able to achieve, which is something I wouldn't normally associate with cast glass. It's also easy to break up for measurement, and responds extremely well to cold working."

NB Computer monitors' colours vary. Please use photos as a guide only.
Sold per kilogram. Chunk size will vary.

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