dicast glass News Feed http://www.dicast.co.nz dicast glass New Glass Works 2017http://www.dicast.co.nz/news/83/New-Glass-Works-2017I am working on some new waxes which will form a new glass series. My small figures once again feature, this time as.... <h3><strong>Navigators.</strong></h3> These works are about mindfully travelling, exploring, being curious and being in the moment.<br /> <br /> The Navigators will make their first public appearance at... <h3><strong><em>VISIT</em></strong> an exhibtion of new works by THE PAINTER AND THE GLASSMAKER<br /> at Gallery De Novo, Dunedin in October 2017</h3>1500897600http://www.dicast.co.nz/news/83/New-Glass-Works-2017http://www.dicast.co.nz1582New Glass Works 2017http://www.dicast.co.nz/news/83/New-Glass-Works-2017 Open Studio Eveninghttp://www.dicast.co.nz/news/82/Open-Studio-Evening<h3>Open Studio Evening<br /> Monday 19 December, 6pm to 8.30pm<br /> 11 Charles Edwards St<br /> Ohaupo</h3> <h3>If you are from out of town, take the opportunity to <a href="/pages/22/Studio-Sale" data-object-ref="scm_page_content:22">shop online</a>.</h3> The online shop will close 10.30pm Monday 19 December.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;<iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="360" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/go4xui-blbc" width="640"></iframe>1481454000http://www.dicast.co.nz/news/82/Open-Studio-Eveninghttp://www.dicast.co.nzOpen Studio Eveninghttp://www.dicast.co.nz/news/82/Open-Studio-Evening Carol Milne Workshop Imageshttp://www.dicast.co.nz/news/81/Carol-Milne-Workshop-ImagesImages from the Carol Milne Masterclasses held at Dicastglass Studio in October 2016.1480503600http://www.dicast.co.nz/news/81/Carol-Milne-Workshop-Imageshttp://www.dicast.co.nz1418Carol Milne Workshop Imageshttp://www.dicast.co.nz/news/81/Carol-Milne-Workshop-Images New Zealand Tourism Industry Awards on the gohttp://www.dicast.co.nz/news/80/New-Zealand-Tourism-Industry-Awards-on-the-goI have been working on these for 4 months now. - 13 awards for the NZTIA<br /> &nbsp; <p><strong>From the TIA website;</strong><br /> From hot pools to hobbits and hotels, the finalists in the 2016 New Zealand Tourism Awards are a shining example of why this industry is enjoying record growth.</p> <p>The 28 finalists will compete for awards in two individual categories and eight business categories, says Chris Roberts, Chief Executive of Tourism Industry Aotearoa which runs the annual awards programme.</p> <p>&ldquo;New Zealand&rsquo;s tourism industry is enjoying rampant growth &ndash; it&rsquo;s the country&rsquo;s most valuable export industry and in total generates $30 billion in annual visitor spend.</p> <p>&ldquo;These prestigious awards celebrate the industry&rsquo;s success and recognise the individuals and businesses doing an outstanding job, generating economic wealth and supporting jobs in communities throughout the country.&rdquo;</p> <p>Mr Roberts says the finalists showcase the industry&rsquo;s diversity.</p> <p>&ldquo;They come from Paihia to Queenstown, range from big corporates to small, locally-based businesses and cover the many sectors that make up this exciting industry &ndash; from ski fields to campervan rentals to a tour company specialising in Chinese independent travellers.</p> <p>&ldquo;We have several finalists who have been in business for decades and others who have established themselves as industry leaders in a matter of years.&rdquo;<br /> <br /> <strong>The awards will be presented on the 30th of September at the Langham in Auckland. Until then I can only show you the glass...photos will follow after the ceremony of the awards complete with etched writing.</strong></p>1474545600http://www.dicast.co.nz/news/80/New-Zealand-Tourism-Industry-Awards-on-the-gohttp://www.dicast.co.nz1407New Zealand Tourism Industry Awards on the gohttp://www.dicast.co.nz/news/80/New-Zealand-Tourism-Industry-Awards-on-the-go Artists at Soul Gallery this Saturday - last timehttp://www.dicast.co.nz/news/79/Artists-at-Soul-Gallery-this-Saturday-last-timePainter, Jennie De Groot and Glassmaker, Di Tocker will be <strong>in store</strong> <strong>for the last time</strong> at Soul Gallery on Easter Saturday, 11 am to 2pm.<br /> <br /> The artists have enjoyed informal contact with visiting public over the exhibtion. Many have taken the opportunity to chat with Di and Jennie and discover more about their respective approach and process to their art-making.<br /> <br /> Di and Jennie have enjoyed the opportunity to talk about their art out of the studio. They both love to share about what they do and what drives them.<br /> <br /> <strong>Soul Gallery<br /> 300 Barton St, Hamilton<br /> 11am - 2pm Saturday 26 March</strong>1458558000http://www.dicast.co.nz/news/79/Artists-at-Soul-Gallery-this-Saturday-last-timehttp://www.dicast.co.nz1398Artists at Soul Gallery this Saturday - last timehttp://www.dicast.co.nz/news/79/Artists-at-Soul-Gallery-this-Saturday-last-time The Painter and the Glassmaker Exhibition launches in Hamilton, New Zealandhttp://www.dicast.co.nz/news/78/The-Painter-and-the-Glassmaker-Exhibition-launches-in-Hamilton-New-ZealandInstallation of 31 paintings and 33 pieces of glass were installed over 2 days at Soul Gallery, Hamilton.&nbsp;The installation was a great team effort. Di Tocker and Jennie de Groot would especially like to thank Emily Rumney (Exhibition Director), Paul Southworth (Videomaker) and Soul Gallery owner, Lisa Voigt. &nbsp;<br /> <br /> The combination of Di Tocker's cast glass pieces alongside Jennie de Groot's painterly, abstracted landscapes make a complementary pairing.<br /> <br /> The Exhibition had approximately 150 people attend on the opening night. The show will continue at Soul Gallery until the 31st March where&nbsp;Jennie and Di invite you to meet them instore at Soul Gallery 11am - 2pm on Saturdays throughout the exhibition.<br /> <br /> Soul Gallery<br /> 300 Barton Street<br /> Hamilton<br /> Tel. 07 834 2120<br /> Email. <a href="mailto:sales@soulgallery.co.nz">sales@soulgallery.co.nz</a><br /> <br /> Video of Installation and Opening Night<br /> <br type="_moz" /> <iframe width="640" height="360" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/VHZMNQL00Rc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>1457348400http://www.dicast.co.nz/news/78/The-Painter-and-the-Glassmaker-Exhibition-launches-in-Hamilton-New-Zealandhttp://www.dicast.co.nz1390The Painter and the Glassmaker Exhibition launches in Hamilton, New Zealandhttp://www.dicast.co.nz/news/78/The-Painter-and-the-Glassmaker-Exhibition-launches-in-Hamilton-New-Zealand New Glass at Hamilton Exhibtionhttp://www.dicast.co.nz/news/77/New-Glass-at-Hamilton-Exhibtion<p>New glass artwork from Di Tocker will be at upcoming exhibtion</p> <h3><br /> The Painter and the Glassmaker</h3> Soul Gallery, 300 Barton St, Hamilton<br /> Opening - 5-7pm Thursday 3rd March<br /> Exhibition - 3rd to 31st March1456225200http://www.dicast.co.nz/news/77/New-Glass-at-Hamilton-Exhibtionhttp://www.dicast.co.nz1389New Glass at Hamilton Exhibtionhttp://www.dicast.co.nz/news/77/New-Glass-at-Hamilton-Exhibtion Exhibition - The Painter and the Glassmakerhttp://www.dicast.co.nz/news/74/Exhibition-The-Painter-and-the-GlassmakerFollowing the success of the 2015 exhibition at David Lloyd Gallery, Jennie de Groot and I will join forces again this March to present The Painter and the Glassmaker at Soul Gallery, Hamilton.<br /> <br /> The combination of my cast glass pieces alongside Jennie&rsquo;s painterly, abstracted landscapes make a complementary pairing.<br /> <br /> In my collection of &lsquo;moments&rsquo;, figures set upon suitcases may be travelling to new places, waiting patiently for a companion or perhaps have been left behind. The figures are universal, in that they are not bound by specific identities - their form is simplified to a representation of humanity to more directly convey broader ideas about relationships, memory and connection.<br /> <br /> Jennie shares this idea of not giving too much away, describing her new paintings as &ldquo;walking a line between suggestion and representation - there is more ambiguity than before.&rdquo; Enjoying the tension between realism and expression, Jennie&rsquo;s recent works are an exciting evolution in her practice. <br /> <br /> We will post regular updates leading up to the exhibition on our <a href="https://www.facebook.com/The-Painter-and-the-Glassmaker-1037382186328688/?fref=ts">facebook page</a>.<br />1454929200http://www.dicast.co.nz/news/74/Exhibition-The-Painter-and-the-Glassmakerhttp://www.dicast.co.nz1374Exhibition - The Painter and the Glassmakerhttp://www.dicast.co.nz/news/74/Exhibition-The-Painter-and-the-Glassmaker Knit with Glass - Carol Milne Masterclasshttp://www.dicast.co.nz/news/76/Knit-with-Glass-Carol-Milne-MasterclassI am excited to announce that I will be hosting Seattle based artist, Carol Milne, during her first time visiting New Zealand. &nbsp;<br /> <br /> Carol is a lone pioneer in the field of knitted glass. &nbsp;She pushes the limits of her material through persistent and relentless experimentation and develops a variation of the lost wax casting process to cast knitted work in glass. Carol combines her passion for knitting with her love for cast glass sculpture, her knitted work is technically complicated and unlike any cast glass work being done today.<br /> <br /> During Carol's visit to New Zealand she will be speaking at the NZSAG conference in Auckland plus running 2 masterclass workshops from my purpose built glass casting studio in the Waikato in October 2016.<br /> <br /> These workshops are not to be missed for those experienced glass casting and wax working individuals.<br /> <br /> <a href="/files/1333/file/Carol-Milne-Workshop-2016-pdf" data-object-ref="attachment:37">Carol Milne's Masterclass - Information</a><br /> <a href="/files/1334/file/Enrolment-Carol-Milne-Workshop-pdf" data-object-ref="attachment:38">Enrolment Form</a><br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br type="_moz" />1454929200http://www.dicast.co.nz/news/76/Knit-with-Glass-Carol-Milne-Masterclasshttp://www.dicast.co.nz1380Knit with Glass - Carol Milne Masterclasshttp://www.dicast.co.nz/news/76/Knit-with-Glass-Carol-Milne-Masterclass